Goldrush Apple in flower at Powell Gardens


Apple Celebration Court

Follow the spiraling brick road to discover 50 of the most disease-resistant and flavorful apples for our region. The beds between this spiral walk showcase the diversity of apples that thrive here, their fragrant April bloom followed by colorful fruit in summer through fall. Narrow "pole" type apples grow in the tight inner beds, while dwarf, then semi-dwarf varieties grow in sequence as the beds increase in size.

Full-size standard apple trees ring this garden's outer edge. You'll find apples for all uses: from early-summer baking apples like 'Lodi' to fresh-eating favorites like 'Gala' and 'Fuji' and storage selections such as 'Granny Smith.'

You'll also find many new varieties you won’t see in grocery stores like 'Arkansas Black,' 'Candycrisp,' 'Goldrush' and 'Redfree.'


Colorful plants like chives, anise hyssop, lemon balm, strawberries and wild type roses complete the composition. These companions beautify the garden while inviting good bugs to help pollinate the apples and protect them from pests.

Pear Promenade

The brick path sweeping out from the Apple Celebration Court is lined with pear trees and their companion plants. The pears bloom in early spring with gorgeous white (but stinky) flowers.

Here you will see the pears of the grocery store: 'Bartlett,' 'Bosc' and 'D'Anjou,' along with lesser known varieties. 'Ubileen' ripens earliest and 'Kieffer' produces here like no other.

You'll also find examples of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and American varieties of Asian pears, whose round, crisp fruit are fast gaining in popularity.


A tapestry of mints, mountain-mints and monarda (bergamots) add colorful flowers and attract a plethora of pollinators and beneficial insects. In fact, the mountain-mints here may be the very best plants in the garden for doing just that!

Peach Plaza


The pot of gold at the end of the journey along the brick road is the Peach Plaza, where the brick path spirals into an ever-smaller center.

Peach Plaza dazzles in its riotous pink bloom in early spring and in mid- to late summer visitors drool over the trees draped in delectable, golden fruit. Full-sized standard peach trees ring the outer part of the garden, followed by semi-dwarf varieties as the beds get smaller. 

Miniature patio peaches grace the center with full-sized, tasty fruit. The 50 peach trees here represent the hardiest, frost-tolerant and most disease-resistant varieties for our climate.


Companion plants with unique foliage and flowers complete the garden's composition. Look for masses of wild and domestic strawberries, borage, chamomile, dill and garlic chives.

The peach trees even shine in wintertime with their sculptural silvery trunks and reddish branches unmasked by foliage.

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