Culinary Adventures


Millstone Fountain Entrance Plaza

A delightful Millstone Fountain is the centerpiece of the Heartland Harvest Garden entrance. This garden's blue and gold color scheme showcases both flowers and fruit, ranging from the intense fragrance of the clove currant’s yellow blooms in spring to blue plums and yellow pawpaws and flowering-quince fruit in fall.

Blue containers filled with color-coordinated seasonal edibles surround the space. The lovely curved arbor is shaded by plum tree varieties with beautiful blue fruit, including Damsons, Gages and Prune-Plums. Fragrant white flowers cloak the trees in early spring, with gorgeous fruit following.

Menu Garden

The Menu Garden is an appetizer for the entire Heartland Harvest Garden (pun intended!). It is surrounded by a wattled fence of willows and dogwood and is comprised of four formal beds filled with seasonal vegetables and other edible plants.

The formal beds rotate three times a year, with unique plantings for spring, summer and fall. Many visitors are surprised to learn the fall garden often looks beautiful through Thanksgiving and beyond.

This garden continues the blue and gold color scheme with permanent plantings of yellow-fruited sweet cherries and Cornelian-cherries, yellow-flowered and blue-fruited Oregon grape-hollies, blue-flowering lilacs and yellow climbing roses (they are both edible flowers!). Its formal style was inspired by French potager gardens, which are simply gardens filled with all the produce for the kitchen. 

Seed to Plate Greenhouse

The main walk into the Heartland Harvest Garden passes right through the Seed to Plate Greenhouse. On your right is the side where seeds for much of the garden’s produce have been sown and grown up for transplanting into the garden. This gives a jump start on production for some tender or slow-growing varieties and makes it easier to monitor small seedlings.

Yes, we have bananas!

Bananas grown at Powell Gardens

The greenhouse to the left is where you will discover which tropical plants provide many of your favorite breakfast foods. You can see where bananas, oranges, coffee and tea come from, along with plants that provide other popular culinary items such as black pepper, chocolate, vanilla and chewing gum.

Be sure to look for the figs growing outside against the protection of the greenhouse walls. Yes, you can grow figs in Kansas City's climate.