You'll find much to see and do at Powell Gardens. Follow the links below to learn more about each major garden area or check out the map that follows for an overview. Then, click here to plan your visit!

Welcome to Powell Gardens, an experience that celebrates our Midwestern spirit of place. As the area's major botanical garden, Powell Gardens is a uniquely Kansas City garden that offers much to explore and discover. Major highlights include:

Heartland Harvest Garden

Set on 12 acres, the Heartland Harvest Garden is the nation’s largest “edible” landscape—a delicious place designed to satisfy all of your senses. As you explore each of the gardens within, you’ll learn about the journey of food from seed to plate. Learn more about this garden. 

Visitor Education Center and Surrounding Gardens

The Terrace Gardens surrounding the Visitor Education Center display the most up-to-date annuals and tropicals. The spacious indoor conservatory treats visitors to spectacular exhibits that change six times a year. Learn more about this garden.

Fountain and Surrounding Gardens

Just to the north of the Visitor Education Center is a wonderful spot to cool off in the heat of summer. Our dwarf conifer collection is stunning year-round and the Insectary Gardens surrounding the fountain feed the pollinators necessary to produce the delicious fruits of the Heartland Harvest Garden. Learn more about this area.

Island Garden

The Island Garden displays more than 200 varieties of water plants in its exquisite pools and water containers. Rock garden plants can be found in its “living” wall, which is the largest of its type in North America. Masses of perennials and ornamental shrubs complete the compositions, with a prairie planting covering the “back” half of the island facing the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel. Learn more about this garden.

Meadow & Pavilion

This planting of native prairie grasses and flowers depicts an artistic expression of the tallgrass prairie that once covered much of this region. Learn more about this area.   

Chapel Walk and Landscape

The walk to the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel cuts a path through the oak-hickory woodland with native woodland wildflowers. Wildflowers are best in spring and fall. A collection of redbud trees represents every available variety. The prairie where the chapel resides is planted with a variety of native wildflowers and grasses.

David T. Beals III Woodland and Stream Garden

The Beals Woodland and Stream Garden is home to plants that thrive in shade. Its most popular display includes masses of hardy azaleas and rhododendrons. Masses of other shade-loving perennials including ferns, bleeding hearts, hostas, astilbes, giant butterburs and spring bulbs create beauty all season. Learn more about this garden.

Perennial Garden

The Perennial Garden includes 3.5 acres of perennials of every flavor! Come explore the series of garden "rooms" and themes to gather ideas for your home garden. Learn more about this garden.

The Memorial Garden 

Located next to the Marjorie Powell Allen Chapel, the Memorial Garden provides a serene and peaceful place for remembering loved ones. The Memorial Garden program creates permanent recognition of individuals and couples with a bronze plaque, provides space for memorial services, and allows for the opportunity to spread or place cremated remains. Learn more about the Memorial Garden. 

The Byron Shutz Nature Trail

Take a look at the "wild side" of Powell Gardens on this 3.25-mile nature trail with interpretative signs along the way. Learn more about the trail.

The Kauffman Memorial Garden

Powell Gardens manages and maintains this jewel in the heart of Kansas City. Learn more.

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