Toka Plums in the Heartland Harvest Garden



Fresh Bites are seasonal demos covering a number of topics from growing edibles to upcycling. The demonstrations are included with Garden admission. Reservations are not needed and visitors of all ages are welcome.

Barb is a fantastic cook, and many of her sessions focus on cooking with ingredients grown in the Heartland Harvest Garden—the nation's largest edible landscape. See some of Barb's favorite recipes

Fresh Bites takes place in the open-air Missouri Barn at 2 p.m. (unless otherwise noted) on most Saturdays from late May through early October. Check back this spring to see what Barb has planned for 2017. 





Meet Your Instructor

Barbara Fetchenhier (pictured to the left) has a passion for growing edibles of all types. As the Heartland Harvest Garden Interpreter, she gets to share her enthusiasm and knowledge with guests. Drop by one of Barbara's Fresh Bites sessions. Even the most frustrated gardener will gain new excitement for growing edibles after spending time with her!

Barbara, who has been with the Gardens for more than 20 years, was previously the fruits and nuts gardener in the Heartland Harvest Garden. She and her husband Jeff run the 20-acre Fetchen' Honey Farm, which produces eggs, honey, fruits, vegetables and mushrooms. Barbara is a Johnson County, Missouri, Master Gardener. Her spectacular farm was featured on the group's Garden Tour in 2012.