Let's Move in the Heartland!

(Guided Walk of the Heartland Harvest Garden)
Let’s Move! is a national initiative to get kids moving and eating healthy food. It aims to turn around the problem of childhood obesity in a generation. Powell Gardens is one of many botanical gardens and museums across the United States working together to help children, parents and caregivers to make healthy changes in their lives.

This program will whet your students' appetite for fresh fruits and vegetables as they explore the nation's largest edible landscape, brimming with more than 2,000 varieties of produce. On this guided tour students will walk the equivalent of 21/2 city blocks, see fresh produce growing in beautiful settings, learn about the importance of eating fresh and will get to sample something growing in the Gardens. 
$6/student, 60 minutes  

Exploring Pond Life (May through September)

Visit our pond and use our dippers to search for aquatic creatures and plants. Afterward, we'll head back to the lab to investigate how humans affect the water system. Do common household products affect the watershed and how do they get there? Discover the answer to these and many other questions during this interactive program. You may be surprised to discover how much we affect our fresh water supply. Dress for outdoor exploration!
$6/student, 90 minutes

 Pond Study on Your Own

Do you have your own ideas about studying a pond? Well, we have the pond and the lab where you can carry out a project of your own design. You and your accompanying chaperones will have access to our pond dippers, youth lab, microscopes and more to guide your students on your own pond study. Dates and times will be limited.
Show-Me Standard: SC4.1A, B, C
KS Standard: SC1.1.1; SC3.4.3, 4

Wilderness Hike

Hike our nature trail and test your observation skills. We'll discover adaptations and traits of woodland plants and animals that lend to their survival and diversity. You'll also learn about some of Missouri's wild edible plants and you might even get to try a few!
$6/student, 90 minutes

Greenhouse Tour

Interested in plant production on a large scale? Your students will be amazed and surprised at the activity in our six greenhouses. Discover how technology and technique extend the growing season to provide lush native and non-native plant species for our use all year long. Each greenhouse differs based on the plants being raised. Space and times will be limited. Call early to book a tour.

$6/student, 90 minutes
Limit group size to 30 maximum.
Show-Me Standard: SC3.1.E; SC3.2.B, SC4.2.B
KS Standard: SC3.1.4; SC3.4.5; SC3.5.2

Design a Field Trip

Are you studying a special topic that Powell Gardens can enhance with a field trip? If the listed programs do not fit your curriculum, but your class is learning about a subject appropriate to the Gardens' setting and resources, let us know! 


To schedule a field trip at Powell Gardens, please contact Linda Burton at 816-697-2600 x209.



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