Planting for pollinators at the 2015 Festival of Butterflies at Powell Gardens



Let's put the Kansas City region on the Million Pollinator Garden Map!

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Powell Gardens is one of many public gardens participating in the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge and we're challenging YOU to join us! The challenge is a nationwide call to action to help revive the health of butterflies, bees and other pollinators by choosing plants that provide nectar and pollen. In early July, fewer than 20 gardens in the Greater Kansas City Region were registered. All types of gardens, from a container garden on a deck to a schoolyard garden or community garden, can qualify.

How to Take the Challenge

To qualify for the challenge, gardens (no matter what the size) must include plants that provide nectar and pollen sources. An ideal pollinator garden also:

  • Will provide a water source
  • Be planted in a sunny area with a wind break
  • Create large "pollinator targets" of native or non-invasive plants
  • Establish continuous bloom throughout the growing season
  • Eliminate or minimize the effect of pesticides.

Once you've planted your garden (or if you already have gardens or landscapes that meet this critera) visit to register your garden and be counted! Use the hashtag #polliNATION to share pictures and help spread the word.

Million Pollinator Garden Challenge logo

Why Take the Challenge?

Pollinators are responsible for one out of three bites of food we take each day, yet pollinators are at a critical point in their own survival. Although there are many reasons for their decline, we know that more nectar and pollen sources from flowering plants and trees will help improve their health and numbers. By making thoughtful choices about what we plant in our gardens, we can each make a difference.

Where Can I Learn More?

Visit the Million Pollinator Gardens Challenge website for more details about the campaign and for great resources for planning your own pollinator-friendly garden. Then tell your friends and neighbors to join the #polliNATION!



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