Seed Starters programs are one-hour field trips designed to help your students discover nature. They spark imagination and provide unique opportunities for learning science. Place us on your field trip list and bring an unforgettable experience to your students. Where applicable, all field trips are aligned to current state science standards and GLEs. (Scout leaders: Look for programs marked as "Scout Favorite".)

For Preschoolers

Ladybugs and Butterflies 

Come learn about two of our favorite garden insects. We will talk about the ways they help in the garden and if the weather is right, we will even get to meet some up close!

Gardening Adventures With Mr. McGregor

During this interactive program you will meet Mr. McGregor and learn about important parts of a plant and how humans use fruits and vegetables. Plus, students will eat something fresh from Fun Foods Farm! 

For Grades K-2

Toadily Tadpoles! 

You will learn about the lifecycle of frogs, what tadpoles and frogs need to live and many other interesting frog facts. Plus, we will dip in the Discovery Pond to try to catch some of these hoppy garden helpers.
Missouri GLEs Strand: 3.1.A.a, 3.1.B.a, 3.1.D.b, d, 3.3.D.a 
KS: SC1.1.1; SC3.1.2, 4

How Plants Grow—From Seed to Harvest

Pull up roots, examine shoots, and search the garden for edible fruits as you learn about the parts and functions of plants. Students will eat something fresh from Fun Foods Farm! (Daisy Scout Favorite!)
Missouri GLEs Strand: 3.1.A.b, 3.1.D.a, c, 4.1.A.a 
KS: SC3.1.1, 2; SC3.2.1 

It's A Bug's Life 

Bugs and insects play very important roles in our lives. In this program we will learn about bug and insects jobs in the garden. Plus, we will get to meet a few of our favorite buggy friends!
Missouri GLEs Strand: 4.1.A.a, 4.1.D.a, 4.2.A.a-c, 4.3.C.b
KS: SC1.1.1; SC3.1.1, 2, 3 


To schedule a field trip at Powell Gardens, please contact Linda Burton at 816-697-2600 x209.

For Grades 3-5

Exploring Pond Life 

Take a dip! You will learn about the components of a healthy pond habitat. It's a hands-on experience of a pond's food web.
Missouri GLEs Strand: 4.1.A.a, b, 4.1.D.a, 4.2.A.b-d, 7.1.C.a 
KS: SC3.1.1, 2, 3; SC3.2.1

(NEW) Pollination Sensation

Have you heard the buzz? Pollinators play a vital role in our food system. Learn about plant reproduction and the creatures that make it happen. Students will explore the insectary garden and sample some insect-pollinated produce.
Missouri GLEs Strand: 3.1.A.a, 3.1.B.a, 3.1.D.a, 4.1.A.a, 4.1.D.a, 4.3.C.b
KS: SC3.1.1,2,3;SC3.2.1; SC3.4.2

(NEW) Waste to Riches

Join us as we enter the amazing world of decomposition. We will explore real compost piles to see how plant waste gets turned into nutrient rich compost -- a journey from trash to treasure.
Missouri GLEs Strand: 4.1.A.a, 4.2.A.a-c, 5.1.A.a, 5.2.A.a, 7.1.A.a, 7.1.B.b
KS: SC1.1.1, 2, 3; SC3.3.1 

Field Trip Pricing & Logistics

Guided programs are $6/student with no charge for school staff. Chaperones pay $10 each. There is a minimum of 13 students or $78/group. Special rates apply to the Garden Growers immersive experience program.

Times, Dates and Lunch Options

Field trips may be scheduled between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Two outdoor picnic areas are available for lunch breaks.

Confirmation Packet

After your requested program is processed, you will receive an email confirmation that includes:

    • A participation agreement
    • Field Trip Guidelines to be signed and returned before your visit

The Fine Print

To confirm your program, prepayment is required at least two weeks prior to your requested date. Refunds will not be made unless a cancellation is requested five business days before the program date. A cancellation fee of $20 will apply. No partial refund will be made for less than $20.



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