Blooms that Boom for Booms and Blooms

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Blooms that Boom for Booms and Blooms

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The Booms and Blooms Festival at Powell Gardens is Wednesday, July 3rd and be sure and visit the Perennial Garden for a booming display of blooming perennials.  Daylilies are sure the star of our show with well over 400 varieties on display from species types to older and newer selections.  Nothing captures our bright, post solstice light better than these stunning flowers in saturated colors from nearly red, through orange, all shades of yellow, near white, pinks to lavender and dark colors from near purple to burgundy.  Enjoy the show:

Daylily ‘Lusty Leland’ is an older variety but none-the-less stunning in vibrant reds.  I once saw a couple snickering near our patch of this cultivar and it turns out the guy’s name was Leland.

Daylily ‘Tomato Surprise’  Our Senior Gardener in the Perennial Garden, Jennifer Bolyard named this cultivar in her top three!

Daylily ‘Salmon Swirls’ is aptly name with a lovely ruffling to its petals.

Daylily ‘Condilla’ bridges the gap between orange and yellow in a fully double flower.

Daylily ‘By Myself’ has been the garden since its opening 23 years ago and has created a large mass.

Daylily ‘Lemon Custard’ has huge lemon-yellow flowers with nice puckering and ruffles and is also one of Jennifer’s top 3 cultivars in the Perennial Garden this season.

Daylily ‘New Series’ is a very large flower with sweeping petals and sepals brushed in shades of pink with a green-yellow throat.

Daylily ‘Lady Emily’ is the third of Jennifer’s top three cultivars this season.  The flowers have strong substance, frilly petals and a soft color.

Daylily ‘Daring Deception’ is always a hit with its green throat, setting off contrasting burgundy and pink — the petals edged in burgundy complete the package!

Daylily ‘Purple Heart’ and its white-edged sepals and petals set this apart from all others in our collection.

Daylily ‘Strawberry Candy’ is another classic with lovely color contrasts, good substance and frilly sepals and petals.

Daylily ‘Holiday Frills’ does have exceptionally frilled petals for our Fourth of July holiday.

Daylily ‘Bright Dancer’ is a vivacious red with more rosy overtones.  I left Mr. spider’s little web across the flower.

McConnell’s Plantland from Columbia, Missouri will be selling a wide array of wonderful daylilies at Powell Gardens during Booms & Blooms.  Bob and Sue McConnell are owners of this family business.  “Catfish” Bob only promotes varieties that are good performers in our area and if you see one you like in our Perennial Garden he may have it or an ever better substitute for sale!  Daylilies are very easy to grow and multiply into larger and larger clumps year after year — these are all improved hybrids not invasive like the wild “ditch” lilies seen along roadsides.  Come experience their amazing colors and don’t forget to see all the companion perennials ablaze with color in the garden too.