SOLD OUT Intro to Foraging: Part 1

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SOLD OUT Intro to Foraging: Part 1

Intro to Foraging: Part 1
Saturday, March 4 | 10-11 a.m.
$15 | 10% less for members

Beginner foragers, this series is for you! In Intro to Foraging: Part 1, Lydia Brawner (Lead Horticulturalist) will share local and regional knowledge to help locate, identify, and utilize wild plants and mushrooms. Learn what mushrooms to look for when, as well as how to ethically harvest them.

This class will include information on types of mushrooms and their mutual relationship with trees and fruiting mediums. Learn identifiable features and preferred growing locations to help you forage with confidence.


NOTE: The Intro to Foraging class series was created alongside a annual exhibit, Midwest Foraging. Foraging is not permitted on Powell Gardens property. In the interest of public health, safety, and in respect of our conservation efforts, all participants are expected to appreciate this content for educational purposes only at Powell Gardens.