HHG Progress & Mid Season Daffodils peak

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HHG Progress & Mid Season Daffodils peak

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Powell Gardens Maintenance Staff (C.C. Aldrich center, Mark Mallinson right) work on installing the Rosalind Creasy Author’s Garden. The custom rebar works built by maintenance include 2 tall “Blackberry Fountains” and a cauldron pot holder. These works will be billowing with plants in the future: old fashioned climbing petunias in the cauldron and blackberries planted in the fountains — what an imaginative way to display tall caned blackberries! The raised beds are sided in reused barn siding as the theme of the garden is re-use of local materials.

The “Chicken Coop” at the end of the Tutti-Frutti maze is going up. This will be a fun building for children to explore but won’t have live chickens. The concrete pad in the foreground is for the Learning Shed, the classroom and restrooms for the Fun Food Garden.

The Quilt Arbors are almost complete and half the soil has been added to the intricate beds of the Villandry Quilt Garden. Almost 6″ of rain fell in March and soil is too wet to move at this time.
If you want a preview of the Heartland Harvest Garden be sure and call in to reserve a spot with a guided tour on Earth Day (Saturday, April 18th) at 11a.m. or 1 p.m. The number to call is 816-697-2600 x307.

Bloom Alert: Mid Season Daffodils at Peak (ahead of schedule)!

Last Saturday’s rain, ice & snow did not destroy Powell Gardens’ spring flowers. The minimum temperature was 28F but the ice and snow helped to insulate buds and flowers. Over one hundred thousand mid-season daffodils are currently in full bloom and with cool conditions predicted for the week they should hold well and retain their rich colors through the weekend.
A mix of daffodils line the entrance walk to the Perennial Garden. The blend of yellow and white really create a lively sparkle to the display. For the most part we have masses of the same cultivar but we do have some mixes of harmonious colors (these were purchased as a mix and planted about 10 years ago).
On the back side of the Rock & Waterfall Garden a swath of blue hyacinths compliments the masses of daffodils.

A mass of Las Vegas’ daffodils all face the morning sun along the walk from the Rock & Waterfall trolley stop. This large trumpet daffodil is listed in catalogs as a “showgirl” and has been a great daffodil for forced displays or in the landscape at Powell Gardens.