Visitor Center Gallery

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2019 Visitor Center Gallery Exhibition Artists

Flores de color: Drawings by Fuko Ito and Eugene Sarmiento
March 1-April 1, 2019

This exhibition celebrates floral drawings created collaboratively by Lawrence, Kansas-based artists Fuko Ito and Eugene Sarmiento. Ito and Sarmiento have made a daily practice of creating floral still lifes using watercolor and colored pencil to better study detail and color and as a personal reflection of skin tone and stereotypes.

Watercolor Reflections by Barbara Neth and Ellie Behrmann
May 31-July 21, 2019

This special exhibition in the visitor center showcases the beautiful potential of watercolor. Barbara Neth and Ellie Behrman are inspired by vibrant color and light and skillfully relate familiar images found in nature and the landscape.

Natural Exposure: Photographs by Wendy Delzeit, Stephanie Ehrhardt, Angie Harris, and Lisa Wild Healey
July 26-September 8, 2019

This special exhibition features four professional artists from the greater Kansas City area whose work depicts aspects of the landscape and garden through the medium of photography. Using a macro lens, Wendy Delzeit shows us a close up look at the world of flowers and insects. Stephanie Ehrhardt’s botanical prints feature scenes from Powell Gardens and a close-up look at particular specimen in the garden. Angie Harris is drawn to photographing ordinary things that most people overlook in the landscape and in nature. Lisa Wild Healey feels a strong reverence for nature and a connection to the outdoors and examines the world of a flower from a few inches away. These photographs bring the outdoors indoors and may inspire us to examine aspects of nature more closely in person.

Digital Scrolls by Lorie Kellogg and Abstractions by Craig Auge
September 13-November 3, 2019

Sacred Spaces: Works by Sandy Leppin and Deanna Trapp
November 8, 2019 through January 5, 2020

Opening reception celebration, Saturday November 9th, 2:00-4:00 p.m.