Giving Tuesday | Goat Fund Me

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We Need Your Help This Giving Tuesday!

We are raising money to fund three visits from ‘Goats on the Go’ in 2019 to help our horticulture staff manage our expansive prairies. Our fundraising goal for these visits is $3000.

Goats on the Go

“Goats on the Go” is a contracted grazing service that will allow our horticulture team to manage woody plant species in our prairies while saving valuable staffing resources. Goats are naturally attracted to the plants that don’t belong in our prairie, and will eat them while leaving the native species untouched.

How you can help:


Make a donation of any size on Tuesday, November 27th to Powell Gardens to support the initiative of “Goats on the Go” which will help to manage woody plants in our prairies. Gifts of any size are appreciated!



Be on the lookout on our Facebook page on Giving Tuesday to share this project, which gives your friends an opportunity to support this unique and fun project. The project will go live on Monday evening, November 26th, and you will receive a step by step guide on how to share this initiative with your friends on social media. They can give directly to Powell Garden’s from Facebook. Facebook collects zero processing fees, allowing non-profit organizations to keep 100 percent of the donations.


Why we need you to share our project:

  • On Giving Tuesday an organization is 13 times more likely to gain a new supporter than a typical day.
  • Supporters seek out causes on Giving Tuesday, in fact some people are giving to over 10 causes on this single day.

Please Help Us This Holiday Season!

As a nonprofit organization, we rely heavily on donations to maintain our garden areas and keep them healthy and beautiful. Your help, whether it’s donating or sharing, will contribute directly to our success, and allows us to continue to serve our community as Kansas City’s botanical garden. We appreciate your continued support.