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For years Powell Gardens has been known for its spectacular plant displays; our horticulture staff has been recognized in our community and beyond as experts; and our work even gained national attention when we created the nation’s largest edible landscape in 2009.

But every garden faces challenges and we have seen our fair share. From natural disasters like the freeze in 2002 to the drought in 2012, and most recently, the spread of fire blight in 2014, we face many obstacles in maintaining 80 acres of gardens for our visitors. We invite you to help us to strike one of those obstacles from the list by joining our drive to install an automatic drip irrigation system in the 12-acre Heartland Harvest Garden. 

Improved Efficiencies

Drip irrigation is popular for its potential to increase yields while decreasing water requirements and labor. Each year Powell Gardens’ three volunteers and four staff spend approximately 800 hours watering the more than 2,000 plants in the Heartland Harvest Garden. A drip irrigation system would help staff focus on care needed to grow beautiful and delicious fruit trees, nut crops, berry bushes and grapevines.   

It’s also the most efficient way to water plants, especially in oddly shaped and narrow areas like those found in the intricate Villandry Quilt Garden. Drip irrigation exceeds 90 percent efficiency whereas sprinkler systems are 50 to 70 percent efficient.

Can You Help?

Please consider a donation to Powell Gardens to help us purchase and install an automatic drip irrigation system. We appreciate your support.   








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