Join Our Winter Bird Banding Demonstration

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Join Our Winter Bird Banding Demonstration

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1-3:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28

Bird watching in winter is a favorite pastime of mine. I make it a personal challenge to attract as many different species of birds to my feeders as I can. We are truly blessed in Missouri to have so many native bird species. Beyond offering food, water and shelter, it takes more to help protect our feathered friends.

Dana Ripper and Ethan Duke from the Missouri River Bird Observatory will be at Powell Gardens on Sunday, February 28, to talk about bird conservation efforts and the importance of bird banding. Come and watch demonstrations of netting, identifying, banding and releasing winter songbirds while learning what you can do to protect our local birds. (Note: You will not handle birds.)

“There are very few things that match a ‘bird in the hand’ for inspiring awe and appreciation for birds … which is the first step towards people caring about bird conservation.” (Dana Ripper)

There is still time to register. See more details and register by Feb. 25.