Meet the Poinsettias of 2009

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Meet the Poinsettias of 2009

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Tracy Flowers, Gardener Kauffman Memorial Garden (left), picks poinsettias for Gardener Kellyn Register and Senior Gardener Eric Perrette to sleeve and load for a trip to the Kauffman Memorial Garden’s holiday display in the conservatory.

Powell Gardens grows all its poinsettias from approximately 3,000 rooted cuttings at our greenhouse complex. They are cared for by loving hands from planting to finishing and public display. We grow 27 varieties and trial some new varieties each year.

Here’s a sampling of some of 2009’s poinsettias — photographed in the Powell Gardens Greenhouses on Dec. 1 & 2, 2009:

Poinsettia ‘Freedom Red’ is the most traditional of varieties with large, red bracts.

Poinsettia ‘Premium Red’ is another classic red for traditional holiday decor.

Poinsettia ‘Freedom Fireworks’ has narrowed and elongated bracts more like a fireworks explosion.

The camera can’t quite capture the dark burgundy-red of Poinsettia ‘Merlot’ which is probably my favorite of those we grow.

Poinsettia ‘Silver Star’ are on their way exclusively to the Kauffman Memorial Garden. The silvered, white-edged leaves and red bracts make it a standout.
Poinsettia ‘Jingle Bells’ is a fun smattering of pink on red. It often sports unusual pink or white bracts making it a challenge to grow.

Poinsettia ‘Freedom Pink’ is our best pink with huge bracts.

Poinsettia ‘Jester Jingle’ adds a bit of fun to a poinsettia display.

Poinsettia ‘Ice Punch’ inspires the most visitor comments with its silver-pink “icy” variegated bracts.

Poinsettia ‘Ice Crystals’ is a creamy splashed shimmering pink.

Poinsettia ‘Sonora White Glitter’ is red with white spangles to the bracts but it has still not “finished” with immature bracts.

Poinsettia ‘Marco Polo’ has very unique salmon frosted, pink bracts.

Poinsettia ‘Premium Miro’ is a creamy white with pink-frosted bract edges.
Poinsettia ‘Winter Rose Marble’ is another sensational poinsettia attracting many comments.

Poinsettia ‘Premium White’ may be our best white bracted cultivar. It certainly photographed the best of all the whites and the only one I dared show.

Tracy Flowers poses with some Freedom Red Poinsettias to show how wonderful our poinsettia crop is this season. Kudos to Horticulturist Donna Covell and the greenhouse team for their success.
The poinsettias are displayed to all visitors at the Powell Garden’s Visitor Center conservatory and at the Kauffman Memorial Garden. Some are even for sale at Powell Gardens’ Perennial Gifts (gift shop).