Nourishing the body as well as the soul

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Nourishing the body as well as the soul

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Gleaning strawberries for Society of St. Andrew
Leona Wilson of the Norris United Methodist Church

If you’ve visited the Heartland Harvest Garden recently, you might have enjoyed nibbling on a sun-warmed strawberry at one of our tasting stations.  The delectable strawberries also will nourish those in need in local communities via the Society of St. Andrew, a grassroots hunger relief organization with regional headquarters in Kansas City.

The faith-based nonprofit works to bridge the hunger gap by finding ways to get fresh produce to local food banks and pantries. Program coordinator Bernie Schneider said that in 2009 some 591 volunteers gleaned about 105,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables from local producers’ fields.

strawberry harvest
Sue Stropes of Chilhowee, Mo.

Last week, the society harvested 12 to 13 boxes of lettuce and 40-some pounds of strawberries from the Heartland Harvest Garden to be distributed to a food pantry in Clinton, Mo., and to Harvesters in Kansas City.

As the nation’s largest edible landscape, the Heartland Harvest Garden is yielding big crops of two dozen varieties of strawberries, many of which hit peak production this month. 

Society of St. Andrew volunteers will be back in the garden this week, making sure none goes to waste.