2016 Tool Drive for Horticulture and Maintenance 

Our talented horticulture and maintenance employees rely on specialized tools to take care of Powell Gardens! You can help them by generously donating tools from the request list below (download the Tool Drive pdf). 

How to Donate

Bring it to the Gardens: Purchase an item from the request list and drop it off at the visitor education center. Receive one free admission pass for your donation! 

Order Online: Purchase items online and have them shipped to Powell Gardens, 1609 NW US Highway 50, Kingsville, MO 64061. 

Not Sure? If you have an item that you would like to donate but you're not sure how to deliver it, call us at 816-697-2600 x234. We're happy to help! 


2 x Ace® Scuffle Stirrup Hoe. (Est. $21.99)

2 X Corona® Dual Cut Bypass Pruner (BP 7100), (Est. $31.99)

3 X Ace Bypass Pruner (Gt1566a) (Est. $19.99)

2 X Fiskars PowerGear2 Forged Steel Bypass (394771-1002), (Est. $39.99)

2 X Fiskars 7" Cleaning Hook (385061-1002), (Est. $31.99)

Ames® True Temper® 7-In-1 Planter Buddy (2500700), (Est. $18.99)

2 x Zero-G 5/8" 50ft Garden Hose (4001-50), (Est. $38.99)

10 X Ace 30' Square Spot Sprinkler (Est. $7.59)

4 x Naan® Whisper® Sprinkler Head (525023) (Est.$13.99)

4 X Ace 5/8" x 100' 500 PSI Contractor/Farm Hose (ACELCF58100), (Est. $49.99)

6 X Ace 8' x 10' Heavy Duty Poly Tarp, (Est. $16.99)                                              

2 X Union® Bedding Fork (76200)  (Est. $41.99)

2 X Ace 2 Gal. Garden Sprayer, (Est. $17.99)

2 X Ace® Spading Fork, (Est. $27.99)

4 X Ace® D-Handle Square Point Spade, (Est. $24.99)

4 X Ames® Razorback® Long Handle Round Point Shovel (45520), (Est. $26.99)

Truper Bow Rake (R-14AL) - 6 Pack (Est. $59.94)

6 X Yard Butler 20" Steel Tine Rake (LT-20), (Est. $27.99)

6 X Corona® Hedge Shear (HS3911), (Est. $29.99)

4 X Corona® Folding Pruning Saw (RS7245), (Est. $23.99)

2 x Corona® 14"  Razor Tooth Pruning Saw (RS 7395), (Est. $28.99)

Steel Grip® 10 Piece File Set (2265874), (Est. $17.99)

Ace® 2 Gal Watering Can, (Est. $6.99)

Bernzomatic Multi-Purpose Trigger-Start Torch

Head with Comfort Grip (TS3000T), (Est. $29.99)

4 x Ace 14.1 oz. Propane Hand Torch Cylinder, (Est. $3.99)

6 x 39 Gal. Pop Up Yard Bag (GLP39), (Est. $9.99)

2 X Scotts® Handy Green® Hand Held Spreader (71133), (Est. $19.99)



Corona® Folding Pruning Saw (RS7245), (Est. $23.99)

Corona® Hedge Shear (HS3911), (Est. $29.99)

2 X Razorback® Forged Bow Rake (63184), (Est. $39.99)

Corona® 36" Landscape Rake with Aluminum Handle (RK61054), (Est. $49.99)

Corona Compound Action By-Pass Lopper (FL3470), (Est. $36.99)

Ames® Razorback® Long Handle Round Point Shovel (45520), (Est. $26.99)

Corona Clipper Extendable Fruit Picker (FP 2312), (Est. $41.99)

True Temper Grain Hog Scoop (1680700), (Est. $35.99)

Ace 12 Piece Screwdriver Set, (Est. $28.99)

Ace 3/4", 5/8" Stainless Steel Clinch Hose Mender Clamp (GT1963), (Est. $7.99)

Ace 6' x 8' Heavy Duty Poly Tarp, (Est. $13.99)

Steel Grip® 10 Piece File Set (2265874), (Est. $17.99)

Steel Grip® Combination Wrench Set (56080), (Est. $32.99)


DeWalt Kit Circular Saw, Item no: DCS575T1 (Est. $309)

DeWalt Kit Grinder, Item no: DCG414T1 (Est. $299)

DeWalt Kit Reciprocating Saw, Item no: DCS388T1 (Est. $306)

DeWalt Kit Hammerdrill & Impact Kit, Item no: DCK299D1T1 (Est. $349)

DeWalt Kit Impact Wrench & Light, Item no: DCK398M2 (Est. $506)

DeWalt Kit Laser, Item no: DW079KDT (Est. $899.99)

Craftsman Hand Tool Set, Model no: 49540 (Est. $899.99)

Craftsman Impact Socket Set, Model no: D302180 (Est. $1259.99)

Craftsman Adjustable Wrench Set, Model no: 42845

Craftsman ¾ Impact Socket Set, Model no: 18792 (Est. $269.99)



Ace Little Pal Shovel (Est $13.99)

Ace Scuffle Stirrup Hoe (Est. $21.99)

2x Ace 6'x8' Heavy Duty Poly Tarp (Est. $13.99)

2x Ace 3/4"x50' Contractor/Farm Hose (Est. $41.99)

Dramm Whirling Sprinkler (10-15050) (Est. $23.99)

3x Ace 5/8" Male Solid Zinc Hose Mender (GT1964) (Est. $7.99)

Ace Female Hose Replacement Fitting, Zinc (GT1962) (Est. $7.99)



Corona Folding Pruning Saw (RS7245) (Est. $23.99)

Corona Hedge Shear (HS3911) (Est. $29.99)

2x Ames Razorback Long handle Round Point Shovel (45000) (Est. $35.99)

Corona Compund Action Bypass Lopper (FL3470) (Est. $36.99)

5x Ace 30' Square Spot Sprinkler (Est. $7.59)

10x Dramm Replacement Water breaker Nozzle (60-12346) (Est. $8.59)

Troy-Bilt Blower Vac (TB2BVECI) (Est. $149.99)