Under A Blue Moon Requires All Hands On Deck

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Under A Blue Moon Requires All Hands On Deck

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It takes a big effort to pull off a large outdoor party like Under A Blue Moon.  Committees meet for many months in advance.  In fact, one first memorable planning session was in January with feet of snow hindering the roadways.  Yet, on that frigid day, four volunteers made their way to the garden to talk about the flower and herb wreaths that might grace the center of the table, and how an upscale, down-home feel might strike just the right mood for our evening at the barn, under the stars.

Well, the day has nearly arrived and with it, the ideas have hatched into reality.  In the following slideshow you’ll see volunteers working to bring the herb wreaths, which will bear herbs all season long  and anchor our centerpieces, to fruition.


Thank you to the Decor and Ambiance committee for spending their Saturday preparing these beautiful centerpieces for our biggest fundraiser of the year.  Special thanks to: Jo Missildine, Ginny McCanse, Trish Bellington, Ann Hummel, Anne Wildeboor, Sarah Young, Judy Bellemere, Sandi Collinson, Carolyn Kroh, Janice Newbury, Ann Ready, Mary Biber and Katherine Barton.