The Vineyard in the Heartland Harvest Garden


Arbors of grapes lined by roses and thornless blackberries lead you to the ornate entrance gates of the vineyard. A central walk bisects rows of grapes, ending at a wine cask fountain set under a beautiful rose and grape-clad arbor reminiscent of a garden in paradise.

Grapes for Every Purpose

Powell Gardens’ vineyard is not here to make wine but to display the marvelous diversity of grapes one can grow in Greater Kansas City. Each row has a different theme, beginning with purple, multi-use seeded grapes used for making jams, jellies and juice.

The last row shows the grape varieties used to make white wines in our region. Fifty of the best varieties of grapes for our region are on display and each row ends with a hybrid tea rose, which not only adds beauty and edible flowers to the landscape but also act as the “canaries in the mineshaft” to foretell any problems that may affect the grapes.



Beautiful Companions

Hyssop is planted beneath each row as a companion plant and adds to the charm with blue flowers in June and again later in the summer. Other companion plants include roses, lavender, chrysanthemums, blackberries, hazelnuts and redbuds. 

A Mediterranean Feel

The spire-like Taylor junipers, hardy almond trees and evergreen Oklahoma live oaks lend a Mediterranean feel to this garden.

With room for seating, a water feature and flexible time frames for rentals, this garden also makes a perfect spot for outdoor wedding ceremonies. Learn more.

Did you know? Architect Fay Jones designed the Meadow Pavilion's four-layered redwood trellis with several angled ends to create a moving shadow. Learn more »