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Welcome to Café Thyme

     Eddie Osborne, Owner of Darn Good Food, LLC,  has operated Café Thyme at Powell Gardens since 2013.  They offer a small, seasonal menu with an emphasis on fresh food. Café Thyme features fresh produce from the Heartland Harvest Garden, the nation’s largest edible landscape, and other local producers.  They make it easy to “Eat the Rainbow”, as the wraps and salads are made with your choice of fresh fruit and toppings.  They gladly offer vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Ever mindful of being good stewards of the Earth, Cafe Thyme recycles, composts, upcycles and offers food scraps to small scale chicken and pork producers.


Thursday-Sunday, 4-9 p.m.

Café Thyme Menu

Festival of Lights

Bratwurst, Beverage & Chips-$8.75
Hot Dog, Beverage & Chips-$5.75
Italian Sausage, Beverage & Chips-$8.75
Soup, Beverage & Bread-$8.75
(two soups will be offered each night, one of which will be vegan and gluten free)

Children’s Menu (12 and under)
Hot Dog, Beverage and chips $5.75
Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich & Beverage-$4.50
Small Soup, crackers & beverage-$4.75
Nachos with Drink-$4.50

Other items
BeveragesCoke, Diet Coke, Sprite,Hot tea (assorted flavors), Unsweetened Iced Tea, Coffee, Bottled Water $1.75
Hot Chocolate $1.50

Sugar Cookies $1.00 each
Other desserts  (selection will vary from day to day) priced as marked

Soup of the Day

Café Thyme’s handcrafted soups are most often made with produce and herbs from the Heartland Harvest Garden. Unless otherwise noted they are vegan and gluten free and are made with no additional salt.

Cup (ala carte)$4.25
Cup with beverage and cookie$6.25
Bowl (ala carte)$6.25
Bowl with beverage and cookie$8.25

Heartland Harvest Garden Salad

A bed of fresh greens accented with your choice of seasonal vegetables and other toppings.

Small (ala carte)$5.25
Small with beverage and cookie$6.75
Large (ala carte)$7.75
Large with beverage and cookie$9.25

Soup and Salad

A cup of soup and small salad with your choice of toppings

Ala carte$8.75
With beverage and cookie$10.25

Greens, Grain & Protein Bowl

A bowl of fresh greens accented with your choice of protein (roast chicken, Black Forest Ham or legumes), topped with seasoned quinoa, farm fresh egg and your choice of additional toppings.

Ala carte$9.25
With beverage and cookie$10.75


A sun-dried tomato or whole wheat tortilla accented with your choice of condiments, greens, protein (roast chicken, Black Forest Hamm or legumes) and your choice of toppings.

Ala carte$9.75
With beverage and cookie$10.75

Children’s Menu

All children’s meal are served with beverage & cookie and garnished with fresh fruit & vegetables.

Peanut Butter & Jelly
Fruit & Vegetable Plate
Cheese Quesadilla
“Pizza-dilla”-Flour tortilla with marinara sauce, cheese and pepperoni slices
Wrap (made to order)

Children 4 and under$3.75
Children 5-12$6.75

Beverages & Dessert

Packaged $1.75 (no refills)
Capri Sun (flavors vary)
Diet Coke
Hot Chocolate
Hot tea (assorted flavors)
Bottled Water
House made $1.75 (free refills)
Brewed Ice Tea (unsweetened)
Green Tea with Agave Nectar & Lemon
Infused Water (flavors vary)

Freshly Baked Cookies
Assorted Flavors
$1.00 each