Midwest Center for Regenerative Agriculture at Powell Gardens


The Midwest spirit of place is a phrase that invokes natural joy in experiencing and embracing our native landscape.

With ecosystems ranging from the iconic prairie to woodlands, the Midwest is not only your home, but also the home for many regionally-specific plants, animals, and insects.  

Powell Gardens, Kansas City’s botanical garden, bridges education, exploration, and recreation with stewardship of these important ecosystems not only with current conservation efforts but also with the introduction of the Midwest Center for Regenerative Agriculture at Powell Gardens.

Developed from Powell Gardens’ Master Plan and in addition to current conservation efforts, the Midwest Center for Regenerative Agriculture seeks to further Powell Gardens’ stewardship actions through dynamic application of reconstruction and restoration strategies, including engaging with valuable partners, such as Good Oak, Lincoln University, U.S. Department of Agriculture National Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS), and National Audubon Society’s Conservation Ranching Initiative

Our Initiatives

The Midwest Center for Regenerative Agriculture will focus on three key initiatives that support our mission and align with our Master Plan.

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Powell Gardens alongside partner Good Oak, appeared on KCUR’s Up To Date podcast.

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