The Gardens

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Summer Highlights at Powell Gardens

Plan your visit to explore the property and enjoy the seasonal horticultural displays throughout Powell Gardens.  

Butterfly Meadow
Midwest Foraging (May 25-October 16)
-Native plant and butterfly stroll (April-September)
-View the goats at the meadow (August 15-28)

Children’s Garden
-Caterpillar gardens (July-August)
-Native Butterfly Habitat and gardens (July-August)
-Sensory walk with plants to touch, taste, smell (June-September)

Conifer Garden
-Bonsai display (April 25-late October)

Family Discovery Loop
Midwest Foraging (May 25-October 16)
-Lotus Pond peak season (July 20-August 7)

Fountain Garden
-Lotus and water lily collection

Garden Galleries
-Fun House tropical plant display (June-July 4)
-The Wanderer monarch display (July 20-August 7)

Heartland Harvest Garden
Midwest Foraging (May 25-October 16)
-Tea Garden (July-August)
-Vineyard summer patio plant display (July-September)

Visitor Center Landscape
-Conservatory Madagascar themed Festival of Butterflies display (July 20-August 7)
-Hummingbird garden (April-September)

Wildflower Meadow
-Hike through the tallgrass meadow to the pavilion (July-October)

Ona’s Prairie

Ona’s Prairie, located in Southwest Pettis County, MO, is a 40-acre tallgrass prairie supporting a diversity of plant and animal species.

This natural community was given to Powell Gardens for education and research in late 2019 due to a bequest from Ona Gieschen.

Click here to learn more.

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