Chapel Ice Sculpture

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Chapel Ice Sculpture

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Janet Heter, Senior Gardener in the Rock & Waterfall-Meadow-Chapel Gardens shows off the Chapel Fountain this winter. It has become a beautiful ice sculpture with our recent subfreezing weather adding to the peacefulness and serenity of the chapel.

Renowned architect Faye Jones designed this fountain as part of the entrance space to our chapel, which he also designed. Ice fountains like this have become popular in places like Boston or Minneapolis. Recent prolonged subfreezing weather have made this beautiful prairie style fountain a wonderful sight of our winter season.

The recent cold snaps have actually not been that bad. It has not gotten colder than zero F out here in our cold valley at our official weather station. Many sheltered areas of the gardens are usually 5 degrees or more warmer than our weather station’s site. We still design our gardens with plants that can easily handle -15F though such cold temperatures have not occured in more than a decade. Zone 7 (0-10F) is still a mild winter for us.

photos by Alan Branhagen taken at Powell Gardens on January 25, 2008