Michelle Obama and the Grand Opening of the Youth Education Building

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Michelle Obama and the Grand Opening of the Youth Education Building

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Many of you probably paused to consider Michelle Obama’s  message on childhood obesity as she spoke to the attendees of the NAACP rally right here in Kansas City last week.  The First Lady’s initiative Let’s Move has been her signature issue since her husband took office in 2008. The attention she directs to this important issue has caused the rest of America, perhaps the globe, to sit up and take notice.

Powell Gardens’ staff and volunteers found inspiration in her speech as they noticed a link between the work here in the gardens and the First Lady’s message sparking concern for our children’s health.  The issue isn’t political.  It isn’t a passing fad.  Concerned parents, teachers and opinion leaders are finding common ground in promoting a healthy lifestyle, especially in our youth.  Here at Powell Gardens, we recently completed a part of our vision for this movement–we are working hard to do our part.

The Heartland Harvest Garden, boasting 12 acres of fruits and vegetables,  is the nation’s largest edible landscape and the newest jewel in the crown of our ever-expanding garden.  With years of capital campaign leading up to the installation, the final piece in this ground-breaking puzzle was put into place.  And with it, a small celebratory crowd gathered.  We want to extend an especially sweet thank you for the commitments made to the Youth Education Building designed and devoted to our youth.

Why are we so proud of the Youth Education Building?  Our endeavors to engage children in hands-on education about where their food comes from is proven to help kids make healthy choices.  This classroom space helps facilitate our message and is the epicenter for childhood learning in our garden.

Who joins us in this mission?  We are partnering with government, communities, schools and families in accomplishing this task.  The studies have been done, the evidence is in place… but where in the world can you get kids to exercise down paths of self-discovery, laden with fresh fruits and vegetables?  One place… Powell Gardens.

The Heartland Harvest Garden is now essentially complete.  And it was paid for as it was built.  By you.  Thank you!


Want to read more about how all branches of society are coming together to improve the health of our children?

The USDA says:

Children learn a great deal from growing their own fruits and vegetables. Find garden theme ideas and activities, lesson plans, full curricula, activity books, and posters at the USDA website here.

Studies prove education programs improve eating habits of low income children… read more here.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services launched We Can! to help with the mission.

Interactive websites like Nourish Interactive allow children to discover the message of a healthy lifestyle.

Make sure to share the message with your friends and family.  “Share” this blog post.  Invite them to come see a new marvel in the gardening community… our Heartland Harvest Garden is the place, and it’s only 40 miles away from downtown K.C.!