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Powell Gardens employs a diverse staff to maintain, grow, promote and evolve the Gardens and the organizational vision and mission.

Tabitha Schmidt
President & Executive Director


Director of Horticulture

David Breedlove, Gardener, Visitor Education Center

Donna Covell, Horticulturist, Production & Greenhouse

Haley Drake, Gardener, Heartland Harvest Garden

Barbara Fetchenhier, Gardener & Interpreter, Heartland Harvest Garden

Tracy Flowers, Gardener, Kauffman Memorial Garden

Mark Gawron, Horticulturist, Heartland Harvest Garden

 Janet Heter, Senior Gardener, Rock & Waterfall Garden

Duane Hoover, Horticulturist, Kauffman Memorial Garden


Bryan Kottke, Senior Gardener, Perennial Garden

K.D. Madsen, Gardener, Seasonal Displays & Events

Eric Perrette, Senior Gardener, Greenhouse Grower

Gabe Perry, Horticulturist, Grounds & Natural Resources

Brant Smith, Gardener, Greenhouse

Brent Tucker, Horticulturist, Seasonal Events & Visitor Education Center Display Beds


Sara Lohe
Chief Financial Officer, CPA

Angie Guynes, Visitor Experience Manager

Toni Stock, Accounting & Human Resources Assistant

Education, Interpretation & Outreach

Kristy Peterson
Director of Education, Interpretation & Outreach

Caitlin Bailey, Adult Education Coordinator

Linda Burton, Registrar

Cassie Doolittle, K-12 and Inter-generational Program Coordinator

Ann Wasman, Volunteer Coordinator

Advancement & Communications

Trisha Drape
Director of  Advancement & Communications

Cole Braun, Special Events Coordinator

Tricia Farrar, Special Events Manager

Kalie Hudson, Marketing & Sales Manager


Andrea Mason, Membership & Special Events Coordinator

Emalie Wance, Advancement & Communications Department Coordinator


Mark DeBrot, Electrician

Joe Treece, Maintenance Technician

Troy Young, Maintenance Assistant