David T. Beals III Woodland & Stream Garden

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The Beals Woodland and Stream Garden is home to plants that thrive in shade. Its most popular display includes masses of hardy azaleas and rhododendrons. Masses of other shade-loving perennials including ferns, bleeding hearts, hostas, astilbes, giant butterburs and spring bulbs create beauty all season.

Two bridges cross each of the garden’s streams and provide nice views of its plantings. A side path leads to both an upper and lower deck overlooking the north stream.
You’ll find flowering plants in every season, with Vernal witchhazels blooming right through mild spells all winter. Small bulbs including snowdrops, winter aconite, snowflakes, glory-of-the-snow and squills begin to bloom in late winter and carpet the ground by early spring.

Narcissus or daffodils steal the bulb show in mid-spring with nice drifts of Spanish bluebells in late spring. Azaleas star in the springtime display, usually peaking around May 1.

What’s in Bloom?


The trolley stop is one of the most interesting areas in January


Look for Vernal Witch Hazel in bloom along the main walk through the garden.


Snowdrops, Winter Aconite, and Squills peak during this month.


The Dogwoods and Redbuds will be in full bloom throughout the garden. Magnolias are also in bloom during this month.


The fringe trees bloom around this time; look for them as you enter the Woodland and Stream Garden from the Prairie. The Azaleas peak in early May, and steal the show this month.


The lower viewing deck is a great place to see the Grandiflora Smooth Hydrangea in bloom. The Virginia Sweetspire will also bloom around this time; look for it on the path to the upper viewing deck.


The blottlebrush Buckeye and Summersweet can bloom this month. Look for them along the main walk in the Woodland and Stream Garden. The large tropical Butterbur foliage will be at its peak this month.


Rose Turtlehead flowers bloom this month, along with Oakleaf Hydrangeas. Look for the occasional Cardinal flower to pop up this month as well. All of these can be found along the main path.


Look for Pawpaws ripening on the path to the upper viewing deck. Check out the spiny husks forming on the Chinese Chestnut tree near the trolley stop.


The best month for fall color! Look for the Autumn Gold Dogwood along the main path. on the lower, mulch path, look for the Sourwood. It has what may be the best fall color of any tree in this garden.


The common Witch Hazel can be in bloom this month. Look for it by the stream, along the lower mulch path. This is also a good place to check out the Sourwood in early November for fall color.


Festival of Lights will be in full swing. This year we have even bigger and better things planned for the entire garden.