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The Heartland Harvest Garden

Welcome to America’s premier edible landscape—where every tree, shrub, flower and groundcover is part of the story of where our food comes from. Here in the Heartland of America, this signature garden captures the spirit of Kansas City’s place where our rich soils and prime farmland make agriculture a shining star.

The Journey of Food from Seed to Plate

From seed to plate, the Heartland Harvest Garden is an adventure in learning in a garden designed to satisfy all the senses.  As you explore the fruits and vegetables, grains and nuts and so much more you may often find yourself saying, “Oh that’s the plant where that (food) comes from!”

You will see a wide range of edible varieties from heirloom and modern to even some plants on trial for the future. Don’t forget to taste a sample of the garden’s produce at the Tasting Station. A visit to the Missouri Barn’s silo observation deck is a must, where you can overlook the whole garden and see its quilt patterns.


Heartland Harvest Garden Highlights