The Perennial Garden

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The Perennial Garden offers more than 1,200 varieties of plants that return year after year. This 3.5 acre landscape is designed as a series of “rooms” separated by trees and shrubs rather than walls. Perennials, which die back to the ground each winter but return from the roots in spring, show best with the structural elements of trees and shrubs around them.
Perennials may live year to year but their bloom time is usually shorter than garden annuals—about two weeks on average. This garden is designed to bloom in sequence from spring to fall, always providing colorful flowers in each garden bed.

What’s in Bloom?


Contorted Which Hazel begins blooming in January.


Contorted Which Hazel continues to show itself during the month of February.


The Daffodils steal the show during the month of March.


Wisteria, Dogwoods, and Magnolias begin to bloom.


Peonies put on quite a show for us during the month of May.


Junes brings in a fresh display of  Phlox.



Daylilies begin to show themselves throughout the month of July. You won’t want to miss their beautiful colors.



The beautiful Prairie plants are in bloom throughout the month of August.


Asters and Mums make an appearance throughout September. The fall color of the Black Gum begins to show.


Asters, Mums, and Ornamental Grasses begin to sprout all throughout the month of October.


Ornamental grasses continue to grow.


Festival of Lights will be in full swing. This year we have even bigger and better things planned for the entire garden.