Anatomy of a Spring Color Bowl

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Anatomy of a Spring Color Bowl

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I’ll admit it, I have spring fever.  On my rounds today, color bowls put together in the Greenhouses stopped me in my tracks.  They were just what the doctor ordered for spring fever so I thought I should share their beauty and floral components for all those out there inflicted by this fever.

Here’s the “bell” shaped color bowl planted in shades of blue.  It was my favorite of the four color bowls I encountered.

This low color bowl in lavender may have been equally stunning now that I see a camera captured image of it.

This is the other low bowl in Lavender I simply called “Lavender too.”

Here’s the fourth/last color bowl with a pink & cream, pastel theme.  Simply gorgeous too! All four floral compositions were put together by Donna Covell, Horticulturist in charge of greenhouse production.

Here’s where Donna gets inspiration: the spring flowers are “finishing” in Greenhouse #6 so she has quite a palate to work with when putting together containers.  She also has time to think about combinations as she waters and scouts for pests on these “crops” every day.  What a beautiful work environment!

If only we could send the fragrance of these stocks along with the image.  These are ‘Vintage Peach’, ‘Vintage Burgundy’ and ‘Vintage White’ Stocks and boy do they have a wonderfully spicy aroma.  They are on the benches opposite the prior image in Greenhouse #6.

Some crops in Greenhouse #6 are beautiful but how do you work this hue into a color bowl or composition?  It’s ‘Laser Synchro Salmon’ Cyclamen and the name says it all.

Returning back to the original containers, my favorite one in blue’s thriller plant is the ‘Blue Bicolor’ Pericaulis (daisy relative).  The stunning white textured ‘Bloomingdale White’ Ranunculus (Persian Buttercup) color echos the white eye of the Pericaulis.

Another closer look of the blue container reveals two more players: the ‘Vintage White’ Stocks and the ‘Libre Blue’ Primrose (Primula obconica) lower right & left.

Pericaulis ‘Magenta Bicolor’ is the thriller in the lavender containers.  It is masterfully paired with ‘Vintage White’ Stocks (center) and ‘Bloomingdale White’ Ranunculus as lovely white color echos to the white-centered Pericaulis flowers.

Ranunculus ‘Purple Bicolor’ also echos these colors, along with Cyclamen ‘Curly White’ (left) and Primrose ‘Prima White’ (Primula malacoides) on the right.

This stunning section of the container is achored by Ranunculus ‘Purple Shades’ (left – both the lavender one above and more burgundy flower below it).  ‘Vintage Burgundy’ Stocks also play off that lower flower and ‘The Bride’ DeCaen Anemone (far right) adds to the composition.

The pink and cream pastel container is achored by the ‘Midi Sunset Pink’ Kalanchoe with buds of orange that open to cream, fade to white and age to pink!  The ‘Dash Pink’ Dianthus above it brings out the pinker tones of the Kalanchoe.  The whites are the same as in the above images: ‘Curly White’ Cyclamen, ‘Vintage White’ Stocks and ‘Bloomingdale White’ Ranunculus.

The thriller of the container is its ‘Mache Pastel Mix’ Ranunculus she hand selected to fit the color scheme.  Ranunculus do almost look fake and yes they are related to our wild buttercups!  I hope viewing this series of colorful spring greenhouse flowers has helped cure (or maybe made worse?) your spring fever.  The small bulbs (Crocus, Iris, Snowdrops, Winter Aconite) are really starting to bud and bloom out in the garden and all the flowers in these containers can be viewed this weekend in the Conservatory in our color display as well.  Less than two weeks until spring!