The Collections of a Living Museum

Did you know Powell Gardens has nationally recognized collections of conifers and magnolias? Or that we serve as a trial garden for new annuals through the American Garden Award program? The Heartland Harvest Garden is the nation's largest edible landscape, a living laboratory for you to see the more than 2,000 types of food plants you can grow right here in Missouri.

Powell Gardens is a living museum with a rapidly growing collection. With more than 20,000 plants on record by the end of 2014, the Gardens has amassed data that is important for long-term planning and as a reference tool.

Collections of Note

Other collections of note include dogwoods, native trees and shrubs, water plants, rock plants, daylilies and iris. Powell Gardens’ magnolia collection has been certified by the American Public Gardens Association’s North American Plant Collections Consortium (NAPCC). (Learn more about a dozen favorites from our magnolia collection here). Its conifers are certified as a Reference Garden by the American Conifer Society.

In 2014, Powell Gardens began documenting all of the wild plant species growing on the property as well. These plant records will help with efforts to join the work of Botanical Garden Conservation International, which focuses on protecting endangered plants.

The Gardens also is working on a milkweed collection that includes species from native prairie remnants on both sides of the state line and thorughout the country via Monarch Watch. This process will support monarch butterfly conservation.





An Overview of Powell Gardens' Collections

To learn more about the plant collections of Powell Gardens, take a look at this slide show by Director of Horticulture Alan Branhagen:


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