Explore the Joy and Beauty of Ikebana with Sensei Meghan Rowswell

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Explore the Joy and Beauty of Ikebana with Sensei Meghan Rowswell

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Meghan Rowswell is a visual artist and a sensei in the art of Ikebana. She joins our team of instructors this fall to present a series of classes on the Japanese art of flower arranging.

“The core of Ikebana’s beauty is the combination of colors, graceful lines, textures and latent meanings that suggest a season or an emotion, thus making it more than a mere decoration,” Megan says.

There are many different philosophies of Ikebana and subsequently many different schools.

“I became a sensei in the Ohara school of Ikebana while I was living in northern Japan,” Megan says. “The Ohara school introduced larger shallower vases that were more suitable for shorter stemmed western flowers. It is one of the more conservative schools for it adheres very closely to proportions and forms. Once you have mastered the basic concepts you are then able to explore the more experimental free form styles.”

Ikebana is more than just a one-time experience. It is a skill that is refined and deepened through repeated immersion in the art form. Powell Gardens will offer Ikebana sessions in September, November and December. You can sign up for one, but are encouraged to take multiple sessions. Each session will use different floral material.

Call Linda at 816-697-2600 ext. 209 or see Adult Class  for a complete list of Ikebana sessions and to register. Sessions will fill fast.