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Fun & Games: Play in the Gardens

Summer 2020
Tuesday-Sunday | 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Festival Admission Applies | Members are FREE


The transformative power of play, combined with the benefits of fresh, midwestern summer air are the focus of our summer exhibition, Fun and Games: Play in the Garden. 

Spend your summer playing outside in the Gardens, where new games and activities are popping up across every inch of the Gardens throughout the season. Keep an eye on @PowellGardens on social media for surprise activations and to find out what’s new in the Gardens. You’ll want to visit throughout the summer to experience all this exhibition has to offer.

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Popping Up This Weekend

Explore from Above | Children’s Garden
Make your way up the winding stairs to the silo’s observation deck to test your spy skills. Solve the riddles on display, and use the high vantage point to search for larger-than-life animal sculptures. Each of the animals are important members of the Heartland Harvest Garden ecosystem. Look up, down, and all around because the resident animals may be close by! Look out for some our living garden residents. Red-tailed hawks, great blue herons, and barred owls frequent the gardens.

Playing with Plants | Children’s Garden
Create a flower garden with a fun design and brilliant colors. Grab tools and plants from the potting shed to get started. Use the garden hoe to till the soil and the garden trowel (shovel) to dig a hole and plant your flower. To finish up, water the new plants to help them grow.
Cooperation is essential for a perfect garden. Soil, water, sunshine, and the gardener work together to produce pretty blooms.

Playing with Sound | Children’s Garden
Experiment with the nature-inspired instruments and discover the joy that making your own music.

Playing in the Dirt | Children’s Garden
“Yuck!” may be your response to the thought of these “bugs,” but worms and other invertebrates are important for breaking down dead matter into reusable nutrients (food) and loosening up the soil to allow space for water and air. These organisms are always welcome in our garden beds. Dig into the garden bed with a trowel and search for play worms and other decomposers. No food web is complete without decomposers and detritivores. These organisms that get their nutrients from dead and dying plants and animals. (Please return the potting materials, trowels, and organisms to this area when you are finished playing.)

Explore the Trail | Byron Shutz Nature Trail
Play nature games on the new 1 mile Discovery Trail. Look for the activity boxes along the way.

Find a Hidden Treasure | Geocaching App
Embark on a family-friendly, high-tech version of a scavenger hunt to find hidden containers (or caches) and gorgeous views. To begin, download the Geocaching App on your phone, create a free account, and select a treasure location in the Gardens.

Fun in the Fountain | Fountain Garden
Cool off from the summer heat by splashing in the fountain and relaxing by the misters.


Thanks to Renewal by Andersen

Fun & Games: Play in the Gardens is made possible by generous support from Renewal by Andersen.

Thank you!