Annual Plant Sale

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Annual Plant Sale
Saturday, May 4 | 9 a.m.-noon | Member-Only Plant Sale
Saturday, May 4, noon-4 p.m. and Sunday, May 5, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. | Public Plant Sale

Plant List

Mark your calendars for the first weekend in May and join us for the annual Plant Sale in the Powell Gardens’ Greenhouse Complex. This annual event, benefiting garden operations, features unique varieties of perennials, display annuals and edible annuals and offers plants that are carefully selected for show, non-invasiveness, and resilience in our Missouri climate. There are opportunities all weekend long to get the goods to prepare your landscape and garden for the season.

Special thanks to Missouri Organics for their support!

Missouri Organic Recycling was founded in 1992 by the Anderson family. “We provide an option to landfill for organic materials. 100% of materials collected are processed into an organic compost. The company handles both “green waste” (yard waste, storm debris, etc.) from various sources, as well as food waste from over 200 local businesses.  Every year we divert more than 32 million pounds of food waste from area landfills, which is enough to cover fifteen football fields a foot deep.The FRED (Food Residual Environmental Diversion) Composting Program helps businesses model environmentally sustainable practices and save money on monthly solid waste service by recycling food waste and other organics.  The finished material is used in many of the products we sell.  Missouri Organic Recycling strives to produce the highest quality products that our customers can depend on year after year. Most of our products are manufactured from waste that might otherwise be land filled, burned, or dumped illegally. We’re dedicated to making responsible use of the natural resources around us the only way we know how: the right way.”