Rock’n Retro Christmas Trees

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Rock’n Retro Christmas Trees

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Anne Wildeboor, Horticulturist Seasonal Displays and Events, pauses with a smile while placing the finishing touches on the new Conservatory Display that opens tomorrow. The theme of the display is whimsical or “Seussical” with a never before seen collection of two dozen aluminum Christmas trees. In case you can’t tell, the tree on the right is aluminum while Anne is framed by real purple leaf crinum lilies and a backdrop of bluish Bismarkia palms.

Garden Trains also circuit the display and add a most popular toy from the bygone era of aluminum Christmas trees. Did you know that Charlie Brown’s Christmas cartoon was the moment when aluminum Christmas trees lost their popularity? Real plants in this scene include 2 varieties of poinsettias, variegated plectranthus, Diamond Frost euphorbia and a tall purple cordyline “cabbage palm”.

The display is pure delight and makes me smile and laugh every time I see it. The vibrant colors are enhanced by their aluminum making along with rotating bases and four-color spot lights. It’s a scene that is a blast from the past (lights not on in this picture). We haven’t forgotten the real plants that compliment the collection. Anne and Jennifer Courtney (gardener) have done a masterful play of colors with real live plants! Sixteen varieties of poinsettias will be featured along with whimsical plants from our greenhouse collections like the spiky variegated dracaena seen here.

The spotlight is on in this aluminum tree and rotates between four colors (red, orange, green and blue) reflecting here in orange off the silver aluminum needles! I can’t wait to see the effects in evening time or dark. This tree is also rotating.

This is the “Cadillac” of aluminum trees but reminds me of shag carpeting. I will post its exact stats as I get them. I think it is beautifully paired with a Purple Euphorbia (Euphorbia splendens) in the background.

Pink aluminum trees are rare, especially when paired with real dark leaved Pseuderanthemum and variegated crinum!

Royal Blue aluminum trees are occasionally put up for Hanukkah.

How about turquoise! Lovely when paired with real white poinsettias and back dropped by silver dollar eucalyptus.

Simply stunning in rose with variegated dracaenas and pink poinsettias!

The centerpiece is in silver and hanging to accentuate baskets of poinsettias. If this doesn’t inspire a visit, I don’t know what will. With the Poinsettia Display in Swope Park cancelled, be sure and add us to your list for a holiday visit.