State of the Garden

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State of the Garden

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Eric Tschanz recently reported on developments at the garden.  Many of these developments point to a spectacular 2010 with a new Youth Education building as well as improvements throughout the garden.

Message from the President

The nearly $9.3 million Heartland Harvest Garden opened as our nation’s largest edible landscape June 14.  Included in the price is a $2.5 million addition to our endowment, preserved to help fund operations.  Major structures include the Missouri Barn, an observation silo, and seed-to-plate greenhouse.  The Youth Education Building will open in June of 2010.

In 2001 when we started the planning for this new garden, I didn’t give due recognition to the importance of taste.  You might wonder how you taste a garden.  Tasting stations are the answer.  Plus, Chef Nick of Fresh: A Garden Café serves produce harvested daily from the garden.  And, our Chef Series on the KCP&L all-electric cook top is teaching techniques for using fresh foods; attendees always get delectable samples.

Perhaps most exciting is the many children who are getting their very first taste of foods fresh from the garden.  Whether in a structured program designed around a science curriculum for school children or during a casual walk with mom and dad, kids are trying fresh foods in the garden.

I am pleased to report good results for our classes, special events and weddings despite the economic downturn through the past year.  However, the news is not all rosy: we saw reductions from many of our charitable funding sources, and surprisingly, lower-than-usual attendance by the paying public.

Just like most people, I cut expenses where I could.  In fact, painfully, we cut or reduced salaries for our entire work force… unprecedented in 26 years.  I hope to reinstate the most critical portions of the budget for 2010 so Powell Gardens continues to meet your high expectations.

In these pages, you will find highlights of our activities this year.  I am always happy to hear your comments and suggestions.  Please call anytime.  Thank you for helping to make all of this happen.


Eric N. Tschanz

President and Executive Director

816-697-2600 ext. 235