We’re Thankful for our Volunteers

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We’re Thankful for our Volunteers

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Learn something new, meet friends, have fun, make a difference.  This is the motto and mission of the Powell Gardens Volunteer Department and what, I believe, our volunteer team does on a daily basis.

Why do folks volunteer?  People volunteer for a lot of different reasons and there is no right or wrong answer.  But I believe what keeps us engaged in volunteerism are the four fundamentals that make up our motto.

Next week we will have our year-end Volunteer Celebration. All our volunteers are invited to a grand potluck dinner to celebrate another year of learning, growing friendships (and the Gardens), having fun and making a difference.

When we work as a team for a greater cause, pulling weeds becomes creating a space for kids to learn about their world; stuffing envelopes connects people to this amazing place we call Powell Gardens, working an event turns into helping families make lifetime memories.  Thanks Powell Gardens’ Volunteers for another job well done!

If you’re thinking about volunteering, please contact me and ask any questions you may have; no pressure.  I’m here to help you volunteer!  But even if you don’t volunteer at Powell Gardens I would personally encourage everyone to volunteer somewhere. (Wait for my next blog post to see what the Gardens’ staff will be doing soon!)

When we volunteer it’s a win, win, win.  The organization wins because they reap your expertise and time contribution, the clients/guests win because they are well served, you win because you have learned something new, made friends, had fun and made a difference.